Democratizing elections

Polis takes the analytical and logistical power of a presidential campaign and makes it scale for anyone.

  • Strategize

    Polis analyzes election data, demographics, and consumer behavior to automatically identify which voters are most likely to support you.

  • Organize

    Dynamically generated walklists let volunteers take initiative. No more cutting turfs. No more manual data entry.

  • Adapt

    Polis learns from voters' responses, identifies trends, and suggests new strategies.

Game-changing Features

Polis automates research, logistics, and data collection so staff can spend less time behind spreadsheets and more time in front of voters.

  • Instant insights

    Get automatic turnout and voting behavior forecasts within minutes of signing up.

  • Dynamic walklists

    Time saved managing lists is time better spent engaging voters.

  • Live tracking

    Monitor canvassers' locations and progress in real-time.

  • Adaptive strategies

    Polis recommends new tactics to capitalize on observed trends.

  • Mobile-first design

    We designed our mobile app to be intuitive for volunteers. No need for lengthy training sessions.

  • 3rd party integrations

    Connect Polis to your data on Nation Builder, NGPVAN, and other platforms.

How It Works

Polis' targeting algorithms were designed by political consultants to emulate their own best practices. We ask candidates a few questions about themselves, then rank voters in their district according to support and turnout likelihood.

A smarter way to campaign

  • Combine voter data from many sources to prioritize which voters to contact.

  • Deploy canvassers to areas identified with high densities of desirable voters and let volunteers generate new walklists at their locations to canvass on their own schedules.

  • Canvassers engage voters with personalized scripts to discuss the issues most likely to persuade them.

  • Polis analyzes voter responses, updates campaign staff on progress, and fine-tunes targets to make the next round of canvassing even more accurate.

The Team

Campaigners, developers, scientists– we believe better politics begins with better campaigns.


Management consultant at Parthenon-EY and former political campaign manager, Columbia '14


Full-stack developer at CrowdComfort and former political speechwriter, Princeton '10


Analyst at Biogen, machine learning specialist, former quantitative linguistics research assistant, MIT '14

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